MyCitadel: Ultimate digital sovereignity

Do a reliable hodling, organizational, & current accounts – or instant Lightning payments. Work with single- and multisigs using hardware & air gapped keys; arbitrary complex time-lock scripts and wallet descriptors.


Multi-sig with timelocks

Ever needed 2-of-3 multisig, which will become 1-of-3 in 5 years? Or thinking about securing your legacy to children & grandchildren? Now it is possible.

Hardware signers. Air gapped

MyCitadel provide complete hot and cold wallet separation and able to fully operate without any private keys or hardware devices connected.


Not just addresses and key-path spendings, but also multisigs and complex scripts (timelocks, miniscript). So far we are the only wallet doing that.

Fine-grained details

Discover transaction history and past balances. Navigate UTXOs. Review address usage statistics and derivation paths.

Fallen in Love with our features?
Download the app for any desktop platform!


Pre-set wallet templates

Save time setting complex multi-sig wallets with a rich set of configurable presets.

No tracking.

We value the privacy above everything else. The app does not talk to any external parties other than electrum server.

Fast. Written in rust.

Rust is the fastest, most secure and efficient language in bitcoin today. MyCitadel is 100% written in rust.


Cross-platform: Linux. MacOS. Windows. Descriptor-based, which simplifies export to & import from other wallets.

Free, open-source, standard-based

Creating wallet is not just about UI/UX. It is also about users verifying the source code, and ecosystem around. Use of open source and standards thus is crucial.


Free software

Open-source means auditability. Do not trust: verify.

LNP/BP stack

Based on 2.5+ years of R&D of LNP/BP protocols and libraries. Fully compatible to most advanced standards, Lightning, future RGB smart contracts on bitcoin.

More to come

Dekstop wallet is just the first step for building MyCitadel. We work hard to complete our next releases.

Mobile apps

Ease-of-use for timelocked multisig wallets is coming to mobile platforms: Android, iOS, iPad.

Private cloud

Synchronize your wallets cross-device, perform complex multisig setups, run Electrum server, Bitcoin Core or Nix replay - all in your private cloud instances.

Password app

Generate and keep your passwords using BIP85-based deterministic entropy - and be able to access them from any devices, without putting any secrets to the cloud.

Home box

Self-host bitcoin node, electrum; earn fees from Lightning routing and BiFi services with your personal home-based server node.